Price Range

from $300 NZ gst incl
crafted to your requirements
Hunting Knives
from $350 NZ gst incl
personalised to suit you
Pig Knives
from $150 NZ gst incl
all sizes and shapes
Chef Knives
from $600 NZ gst incl
including handcrafted box
Carving Sets
from $15 NZ gst incl
make it yours!
Personalised Engraving
from $5 NZ gst incl
or get 3 sharpened for $12 gst incl
Knife Sharpening

Care Instructions

Knife blades  

(56 rockwell) usually hardened  and have custom handles.)

  • Do not put in dishwasher
  • Dry thoroughly by hand
  • Wash by hand with warm soapy water
  • Some blades can become stained this can be removed with a Non-scratch scouring pad available at any supermarket and it will come back like new.


  • Condition with bees wax or Dubbin to keep water proofed.

A gift that can be passed down the family