Whale Tooth Set

A family friend had over the years acquired off the beach up the East Coast of the South Island, where he farms,  two whales teeth that had been washed up on shore.  He put them away as he saw them as something precious to hold onto.   He contacted us one day and said he wanted Damon to make a carving knife and fork set as a special gift for someone who had done some work in promoting his farm in a recent book that was published.  The brief was to use the whales teeth as the handles and the knife to be an old discarded saw blade.

Damon went about making this set and the handmade rimu box to protect them.  When our friend came to pick it up he was so blown away with what Damon had created for him that he immediately decided that no he wasn’t going to give it as a gift he was going to keep it as a family heirloom to be passed down to generations to come.

Japanese Knife

We received a phone call from the owner of OURVETS after seeing a Hunting knife  we had made for a friend of his.  He was impressed with what he saw and it sparked an idea he had for Xmas gifts for his staff.

He wanted to do something different and he had organised a chef to come to his house and have a cooking show as an end of year Christmas party for his staff.

He had a Japanese chef knife that he had purchased while overseas and used it regularly so decided to commission Frontier Knives to make a Unique Japanese style knife for each of his staff members as a Christmas gift; as a complement to the cooking show.

Pig Sticking

Commissioned recently to make a gift for a pig hunter in Methven.  The brief was  “a functional knife that would keep its edge”



Chef Knife

Recently commissioned: A Chef Knife for Jo’s husband that loves cooking and wanted a knife that could be used for all purpose in the kitchen. 

Materials: Wooden handle with deer antler trim.

“Thanks Guys, He loved it”

- Jo, Auckland

Chef Knife - Jo -

Sylvester Family



Damon was in getting his new 4WD serviced and got talking to the owner and something came up about hunting.  Damon talked to her about his knife making  skills and how he does it and he got asked to make 3 hunting knives for the hunters of the family – father and two sons.  Damon went to work on getting these ready and Debbie making the leather sheaths  to suit each individual knife ready to be destined for Xmas gifts for the hunters in the family.  Their initials we engraved on the back of each knife so they were personalised.

Culverden Fete 2015

We took the opportunity to show case our knives at the Culverden Fete in  2015.  We made an application and sent photos of knives we had previously made to show the uniqueness and quality.  Our application was successful and we started preparing for the fete day which is held each October in Culverden.

We made knifes for hunting, chef, pigs, carving sets and general all purpose knives as well.

We had a very successful day and our knives were well received.  We sold out of the knife and carving sets with handmade recycled rimu treasure chest type boxes and many of the other knives as well.


Cattle Station Owners



Damon's Dad Kevin, who is a stud stock agent, and a leading Australian Agronomist, invited 14 Australian Cattle Station owners from Southern NSW and Northern Victoria to New Zealand to a "Comparison Tour" of the annual Angus Bull sales held in the South Island. They toured Molesworth Station and then went to sales near Hanmer Springs, Kaikoura and Tekapo. One of the station owners was an avid hunter so Kevin asked Damon if he could organise a hunting trip for him which he very much enjoyed, not only the scenery but getting an animal as well. We were commissioned to make knifes as a gift when they left NZ.